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Limited Liability Company Corporation "Spetszashchita"- the official branch association representing leading Russian manufacturers of means of individual and collective protection, and as the state interests within the limits of branch.

Corporation "Spetszashchita" LTD it is founded by the Russian enterprises-manufacturers of means of individual and collective protection. Open Society "Tambovmash", Open Society "Sorbent", and Open Society "EHMZ" have allocated with powers Corporation to represent their interests in all state bodies, services and departments, the industrial enterprises and the companies.


Experts of corporation "Spetszashchita" make recommendations about protection against poor-quality counterfeit production.

"Corporation 'Spetszashchita'" LTD
115054 Moscow, Dubininskaya str, 57, building 2
Subway station "Paveletskaya"

Phone: 8 (499) 685-10-53